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Small Stones: Jan 15th

I’m cheating with this one because they are not my words, but my excuse is that I did observe them! OK, it’s a poor excuse, but these are powerful words.

Not making the decision to leave is the same as making the decision to stay. Although we are taught to be tolerant and accepting, tolerance does not mean accepting what is harmful. Know when to bow out of harmful situations to honour the divinity within you.

Spotted on Facebook “Buddhist Boot Camp” page.


Climate Deniers lack of science

James Lawrence Powell is a National Science Board member. In 2012 he investigated peer-reviewed literature published about climate change and found that of 13,950 articles, 13,926 supported the reality of global warming.

Recently, he repeated his investigation, looking at peer-reviewed articles published between November 2012 and December 2013. Out of 2,258 articles (from 9.136 authors), he found just ONE that explicitly rejected human-driven global warming.

On a pie chart, how does that look?

Powell Pie Chart 2

Graph by James Powell.

Despite all the shouting, junk blogging, opinion masquerading as fact, campaigning and lobbying by some people, media and organisations, there is effectively no peer-reviewed science to lend any credibility to any argument other than man made global warming is real and is happening.

Why do I still see some people refer you to the ‘Great Global Warming Swindle’ (Channel 4 documentary, made by Martin Durkin) as evidence when both the film-maker and the content have been debunked? Why do we still see mostly right-wing types harp on about how it’s all just a con just to tax you more when the scientific evidence shows the contrary?

David Cameron - Vote Blue, Go Green - oh the ironyWhy, with all this evidence does the UK government (remember ‘vote blue, go green’) throw away so much of the ‘green crap’ that might actually might a little bit of positive difference to the real quality of our world in favour of fast-tracking planning applications, accelerating implementation of nuclear power, embracing fracking and so on.

With all this evidence, why is global warming and climate chaos, not the number one agenda on every government manifesto. Perhaps because there’s not enough money to be made from it at the moment.

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Small Stones: Jan 14th

Daisy, Daisy

A morning walk with the dog.
A familiar route – turn left from house, down the road and through the cut-out to the green.
An unusual site catches my eye – what are those little white patches on the ground?
Snowdrops maybe? No, they’re daisies just about to bloom.
Earlier than I’ve ever seen them, testament to our warm winter.
But will they survive when the cold does come…



Small Stones: Jan 13th

The lengthening of the days

One of the things I love about January is the noticeable lengthening of the days.
The shadows don’t cast quite as long a line as they did.
The sun peeks a little higher every day.
The hours of daylight grow longer.

Spring may still be a little time off, but it is coming.




Small Stones: Jan 12th

Frosty Morning.

Nature is an artist that is happy to work on an impermanent canvas.
I look down at a fallen leaf and see that nature, working through the medium of frost, has picked out the edge and veins to create a work of art that most will not see.
As sure as a human that works with oil on canvas, nature has layered beauty on beauty.
She cares not who sees it, or how long it lasts. She just creates for the sake of it.
How lucky am I to witness this beauty under my feet.




Small Stones: Jan 11th

Walking in the Clent Hills

An incredible late afternoon sky.
The most piercing azure blue, criss crossed with fluffy golden orange clouds.

I sit, tired from walking the hills.
Utterly absorbed in the memory of a wonderful day in nature.




Small Stones: Jan 10th

A trip to Oxford

An embankment.
A wooded glade.
A little hut with a wood burner.

These things tug at the strings of bliss in my heart.
So beautiful even on this winters day, I can only imagine what it’s like in summer.




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