The Waterfall

The Waterfall

When the water flows smoothly on the surface,
you don’t notice the undercurrents.
But what’s going on beneath cannot be ignored.

As you go over the edge of the waterfall,
chaos is all around.
What was deep beneath the surface is
thrown outwards, upwards, downwards, and inwards.

The good is mixed with the bad,
the happy with the sad,
contentment with fear.

And then stillness.

Calm is around, and although bruised from the experience,
this will heal.

Now you realise what you about.
You have been exposed to your complete self
and can choose the parts to keep and parts to set free.

The waterfall of your life is great cleanser.
Let your life flow onwards.

© Martin Doyle, 2nd April 2006



Living in the small

Over the last 3 or 4 years, I’ve been following a trend for ‘Tiny Houses’. I guess it started in the USA with Jay Shafer’s ‘Tumbleweed Tony House Company‘ (which he has now left to start another business). and has mushroomed since then, driven in part, by the economic recession meaning it’s been much harder for people to ‘buy’ a house.

Although the smaller places are clearly more practical for single-person living, the trend is exciting and it’s interesting to see how people adapt and design their lives in very small spaces.

Closer to home (Ireland in fact), Noel Higgins built a small house on a trailer using mainly recycled and free materials. I love his stove and water heater! Enjoy…