Our time here looks like it may be coming to an end. The greatest irony in the history of our planet may be the anthropogenic extinction of our species.

We have raped and pillaged Earth – the oceans have been fished to the point of emptying them, we have polluted the water, land and air; driven countless species to extinction and yet more to the precipice of extinction; we have changed the chemical balance of the atmosphere causing climate upheaval; our relentless pursuit of cheap energy has polluted and destroyed vast areas of the planet; our relentless pursuit for cheap protein has caused habitat destruction, species displacement and loss whilst raising billions of animals in vile conditions to meet a gruesome end to gratify our appetites; billions of us live in poverty whilst the mega rich get ever richer; the grain and soy we could feed to the hungry instead goes to animals raised for food; our population is increasing exponentially and pushing out others.

Our greed and stupidity seems to know no end, our arrogance and self importance propelling us to the point of no return.

Is there hope? I would like to say yes….I am a dreamer, a visionary, and I know there are others like me. We need change on a massive scale and now. I want a world where we live in peace and harmony with the natural world and the other species that share this beautyfull planet with us, where we are not mortgage slaves, where justice and equality abound, where there is no poverty or famine, where we do not drive other species from their homes or to extinction but live in balance with them, where we do not enslave any sentient being for our own ends, where war is a thing of the past and humanity lives in peaceful co operation with one another, where we do not take the food that could sustain us and feed it to animals as we want to eat their flesh, where we do nor squander Earth’s precious abundance but use them wisely, where all life on Earth is seen as sacred and given the respect it deserves.

Can we do this…only time will tell. We may only have decades left (if that) Earth cannot carry us as we are much longer… We cannot carry on this way. Let’s do something for the sake of our children and our children’s children, for the sake of all life on this planet. Let’s do it soon, let’s do it now!

Words by Andrew Jones


2 thoughts on “Change?

    1. The words were written by a good friend of mine who despairs at the current situation and lack of response. I share his views. I hope for action, but fear there will be too little, too late. Nevertheless, those of us who realise should continue to act and spread the word….


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