What’s happening to our democracy?

https://soundcloud.com/damhthebard/sons-and-daughters-of-robin Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood) by Damh the Bard We all watched you on our TV, Right honourable gentleman, apparently. Different voices with only one aim, To win my vote, and to win the game. Now some have died to pave the way, So we can vote come polling day, X marks the spot [...]


Nettle Eater – Tom Hirons

This is an extract from 'Nettle Eater' by Tom Hirons. Published in Dark Mountain Vol 3. Look at the world beyond your door. Your life is on fire. Run. Dive in, though it surely means death. Taste the streams, the heather and the gorse and the broom. Hold the river stones. Sleep with the waterfall [...]