Muffled rain on a shed roof

Muffled rain on a shed roof

It’s quarter past midnight in the middle of June and almost Alban Hefin (midsummer / Litha).

The rain is coming down heavily this evening.

For some reason, I’m drawn to walk up the garden to my shed.

My shed is a very special place for me. I insulated it, boarded it, painted it, re-roofed it, repaired it and generally put a lot of myself in it. It’s become an almost spiritual place for me – quiet and peaceful – a retreat if you will, where I can shut out the world, the noise, the phones, internet and all that stuff.

Anyway, as I walk up the garden, I catch a glimpse of something moving near my feet. I stop, somewhat startled! It’s a lovely frog – enjoying the fresh rain.

I continue up the path to my shed. Inside there’s the beautiful sound of muffled rain on the felt roof. Not harsh, like on a caravan or tin roof, but a soft, soothing sound that makes you aware of the rain but not overpowered by it.

It’s a mellow, protective, feminine, almost meditative sound that entrances me and makes me feel connected again to the natural world. Suitably refreshed, I walk the few paces back to the house, saying ‘hello’ as I pass the frog!


Dandelion, how I love thee!

Dandelion, how I love thee!

Dandelions are great plants and great healers. With their long tap roots, they pull up minerals from deep in the soil and make them available in their roots, leaves and flowers.

This video highlights some of the health benefits to using and consuming the dandelion – if you are blessed to have some in your garden, don’t pull them up and discard them and certainly don’t use herbicides. Encourage them and use them to heal yourself.


Dandelion flower image By Greg Hume – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,