Actually I don’t write enough – I get caught up in the detail, in the ‘I need to think about that a bit more before I commit to paper or screen‘, and of course I rarely get to that point.

However, I write because there’s a lot inside me that needs a way out, and writing usually is a way for me to make some sense of it all.

Some of thoughts, feelings and ideas are big – so big that I can’t see ‘the woods for the trees’ and it’s hard to get perspective. Writing allows pieces to come out which helps me put things together in a way that I can understand better.

I also write because it’s good to read it back one day. Reading back through some old notebooks a few years ago helped me realise that I had had a very negative view on many issues (including myself). It actually scared me to read some of it back because I didn’t think that was how I was actually feeling at the time, but clearly I was!

But it’s not all bad. Reading old journals brings back feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, plans and much more that makes my life seem much richer and connected. I can see what ideas and thoughts have persisted and maybe make an effort to concentrate on some things more than others.

I write because it won’t solve all my problems, but it will help me become aware of them.


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