I’m ‘Hawthorn’, live in the UK just south of Birmingham.

So what’s all this about?

I’ve had blog before. They tended to start out as ‘single-subject’ blogs which then veered off in different directions, but I was always conscious of not wanting to upset anyone and tried to tow the line. I’m past that now – there is no time for niceties, I’m using this as a forum for my very random thoughts and to record my progress along my spiritual path, honouring the Earth.

You might not agree with everything I say. That’s fine. I respect others for having different thoughts and beliefs and simply expect that same back.

I’m deeply concerned about the effects that humans are having on the health of our Earth. I think we’re past the point where we should be talking about ‘sustainability’ and we need to be talking about ‘regenerative’ solutions. Sustainable implies that things stay as they are, that we only take as much as we give back, but we’ve been taking too much for too long. We need to be giving back more than we are taking to redress the balance.

I’m not implying that I’m perfect, far from it. At the moment, I’m a hypocrite, but my eyes are open to the problem and I’m starting to change.

triskelle spiral

It’s always great to hear from like-minded people…



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Agree, Martin. We are interdependent re Climate, and many other areas! And I agree with your Gratitude post as well. Most of us have our basic needs fulfilled e.g. food, water, security, shelter and are able to grow. Gratitude for these should give us baseline and consistent (mostly) happiness. Improving and giving back is bonus! 🙂


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