Spirit of wood

Part of my job involves working with wood. I generally love it - being creative and making something that is highly visual, useful and that people can appreciate the effort I've put in. I started off doing a lot of the work with hand tools, however over the years I've moved over to more power [...]


Tackling anxiety with herbs

A couple of years ago, I started to realise that anxiety and depression were getting the better of me. Despite all the 'living in the moment' and mindfulness I espouse, sometimes, you get in a deep rut and you need additional help to get out of. My anxiety was actually starting to have physical effects on [...]

Cat Scramble by Elen Sentier

Every so often I hear some great, inspiring poetry or writing. I posted Tom Hiron's poem, "Sometimes a Wild God" which still inspires me, especially the performance of it by storyteller Mark Lewis which is at the bottom of the page on this link: https://hawthornrising.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/sometimes-a-wild-god/ But last week, I caught this, 'Cat Scramble' by Elen [...]

Disconnection from technology and destruction

  In the past week, an author I admire, Paul Kingsnorth (he's also a co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project) announced that he was starting a gradual withdrawl from social media. He was starting by deleting his twitter and personal facebook accounts, keeping his 'professional page' up for a while. He's drawn a mixed reaction [...]