Small Stones: Jan 15th

I’m cheating with this one because they are not my words, but my excuse is that I did observe them! OK, it’s a poor excuse, but these are powerful words.

Not making the decision to leave is the same as making the decision to stay. Although we are taught to be tolerant and accepting, tolerance does not mean accepting what is harmful. Know when to bow out of harmful situations to honour the divinity within you.

Spotted on Facebook “Buddhist Boot Camp” page.



Small Stones: Jan 14th

Daisy, Daisy

A morning walk with the dog.
A familiar route – turn left from house, down the road and through the cut-out to the green.
An unusual site catches my eye – what are those little white patches on the ground?
Snowdrops maybe? No, they’re daisies just about to bloom.
Earlier than I’ve ever seen them, testament to our warm winter.
But will they survive when the cold does come…


Small Stones: Jan 12th

Frosty Morning.

Nature is an artist that is happy to work on an impermanent canvas.
I look down at a fallen leaf and see that nature, working through the medium of frost, has picked out the edge and veins to create a work of art that most will not see.
As sure as a human that works with oil on canvas, nature has layered beauty on beauty.
She cares not who sees it, or how long it lasts. She just creates for the sake of it.
How lucky am I to witness this beauty under my feet.



Small Stones: Jan 8th

The Bath

I treat myself to a luxuriant hot bath.
Not the rushed kind, but the slow kind.
The kind with bubbles from a bath ‘bomb’ that effervesces a Patouchi scent.

I open my book, determined to spend some time reading. But my glasses have steamed up with the heat and my concentration for reading is lacking. So I relax and float away into my mind…

A simple pleasure that bestows riches and warmth onto my soul.